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College Ave, Berkeley

San Francisco, CA
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College Ave, Berkeley, San Francisco California


College Ave is a bright, happening street filled with cafes and coffee shops. In the evening, come here for your choice of restaurants of all varieties. In the morning, come to take a stroll along the charming street and then enjoy a drink at one of the coffee shops such as Sack's Coffee House. Baker and Commons has excellent frittatas and scones in a nice atmosphere. Organic Greens Salads and More has wonderful healthy options. Try the delicious green sauce at Troy Greek Cuisine.
Other cute streets with cafes are Shattuck Ave and Solano Ave.


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The Beanery Coffee Shop and Sweet Dreams Toy Store.
The Beanery Coffee Shop and Sweet Dreams Toy Store.
Sunny day on College Ave.
Sunny day on College Ave.


The main area is where College Ave intersects with Russell Street. 
Bakers and Common, 2900 College Ave, Berkeley CA 94705, call (510) 843-1300.
Sack's Coffee House, 2701 College Ave, call (510) 644-2233.
Organic Greens Salads and More, 2925 College Ave, call (510) 704-0554.
Troy Greek Cuisine, 2985 College Ave, call (510) 666-8500.

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