Killcare Beach

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Sydney, Australia
Killcare Beach
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If you want to kill every care you've ever had, go to Killcare Beach! The rock pool there will make you fall in love with life all over again. This place is like a dream and I had the most wonderful day here recently.

Mothers and young kids especially love the crystal clear rock pool. It's deep enough to swim fully immersed, and yet it's safe and still. If the rest of the beach is loaded with blue bottles (man-of-war jellyfish) you can swim in here safely. Something about the water feels special, like the water at the French mediterranean. My friend was thinking the same thing as me, because just as I had that thought, she said "This reminds me of the mediterranean in Italy!"
You can climb up on the rocks by the rock pool, on the west side of the beach, and look out at the interesting formations and the view of the entire beach spread before you.
Afterwards, have an icecream pop at the pleasant kiosk at the corner of the surf life-saving club. You can sit at the tables with a great view of the beach. When I was there, a kookaburra sat on a wooden fencepost right by us! Near the kiosk is an outdoor shower and there's even a filtered water refill station!
Behind the mansions that line the road leading to the beach is a high hill with some great rocky outcroppings.
The sand at Killcare Beach is just bliss. Bright, soft, and a creamy orange color.
For a nice space-age playground, check out nearby Turo Park.

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The surf lifesaving club, private homes, and rock formations across from the beach.

Golden path of sand that leads to the beach...

Seats with a view, at the snack shop.

Kookaburra checking out the surf at Killcare Beach.

Mothers and children enjoying an October morning at the rock pools.

What a paradise for kids!

Marinelife in the rock pools.

View of the beach from a climb around the rocks.

It's fun to climb around the rocks on the south end of the beach.

The map for the 45 minute (3.4km) walk from the ferry landing to the beach.


Killcare Beach is located on the Central Coast, a half hour ferry ride from Palm Beach Wharf in Sydney to Wagstaffe dock. From the dock, it's a long (45 minute, 3.4 km) walk to Killcare Beach. Ask someone at the wharf where the path is or follow these directions:
Get off the ferry at Wagstaffe and there's a little shop there to buy water or a coffee etc. Then walk along the road and when it starts to incline you will see a walking track that takes you up into the bush. The sign might say Lobster Beach which is on the other side. Follow the Flannel Flower walking track until it meets the tracks that go down to Tallows. You will see where the cars are parked at the end of the fire trail, and follow the road down, eventually past a few houses until the road is paved. Turn right down the hill and then the second street on the right is Beach Rd. At the end is the rock pool and restaurant and kiosk in the surf club. You could walk back along the road if you want a different view for your return.


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