Bubbling Springs/Moranda Park

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Ventura, CA
Bubbling Springs/Moranda Park
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Bubbling Springs is a beautiful spot. Weeping willow trees sit elegantly over the deep green creek, and the lushest grass shimmers in the sunshine. A paved path leads alongside the creek and there are little benches where you can stop to rest. Kids can ride their tricycles along the path. At one point you come to an old railway track and it leads past shady spots under the trees where people are picnicking. A little dirt path leads to Moranda Park where there is a new-looking playground. Towards the end near Port Hueneme Rd, there are some ducks to feed and a lovely bridge that looks magical with all the trees and grass. Wedding photos were being shot at the bridge when I was there. On the southern end of the park there are eucalyptus trees with the most wonderful pealing yellow bark. The path leads all the way to Hueneme Beach Park!
I didn't venture north of Port Hueneme Rd but there are two more blocks of this creekside park.

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Eucalyptus tree at the southern end of Bubbling Springs Park.

Shady paved path along the creek.

The path and the creek. A really peaceful spot!

Moranda Park play structure. There are tons of tennis courts too.

Thick shade and lush grass- the little path to Moranda Park.

Ducks to feed!

Pretty as a picture!


From Highway 101 southbound, exit at Seaward Ave (this is the most scenic route and just about as long). Turn left on Harbor Blvd and follow it along all the way to Channel Islands Blvd where you will turn left. Turn right on Ventura Blvd and follow it to the end. Turn left on Surfside Dr and follow it as it veers left/north. You can park along the road for free here.
From Highway 101 northbound, exit at Ventura Rd and follow it south all the way to the end (this will be a long ugly drive through dusty agricultural fields and industrial areas). Turn left on Surfside Dr and follow it as it veers left/north. You can park along the road for free here.


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Wed, 26 May 2010

I grew up playing in this park, in the 1970's, what a wonderful place, beautiful park :)

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Thu, 15 Oct 2009

my dog likes to walk here every day- good place

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Born American

Sun, 17 Jul 2016

I would have given it 5 stars only because of the trees and wildlife but what a sad disgrace that so many people litter and use that stream as a dump for trash. It looks to me that the majority out there litter and dirty everything up and just don't give any respect to the beauty of the United States!

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Sat, 18 Mar 2017

What born American is ignorant of is that Hueneme Beach often receives very heavy winds from the Channel Islands. Most of the trash he noticed is not littering. Most likely they saw the park zone after some local winds. There are many times the park is basically clear. Detected a strong racist over tone in their post. They don'the like our park fine don'the hang around.

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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

i love teh town i live in

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