Lake Casitas Water Park

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Ventura, CA
Lake Casitas Water Park
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Lake Casitas Water Adventure is so much fun! There's a huge playground structure in a shallow pool with sprays of water shooting everywhere. There are thick sheets of water that you can run under and little bubbling fountains, plus small slides. My baby went absolutely wild with excitement standing and holding onto the railings and watching the water bubbling up around her. My son had a blast whizzing around the playground and leaping down the slides.

After all the action, you can relax on the lazy river as it winds a long way around and around. There are inner tubes to float on, and a waterfall to swim under. It is so relaxing!
The setting is very pretty with the green mountains behind. And there are many trees providing shade and beauty, as well as manmade shade and lawn chairs.
There's a snack bar outside the park. You can not bring your own food or drinks into the park. This is actually really good because it has solved the huge bee problem that was here before.
You can leave the park for lunch and return later- you just have to get your hand stamped.
There are lifevests for young kids to wear to help them swim safely.
Lake Casitas Water Park is a great deal! It's $12 each (children under 1 are free) but if you come two hours before closing it's only $5.
This park is officially called "Water Adventure" not "Water Park" in that there are no rides or large slides for adults, just a splash playground and lazy river. 
The park is only open during the summer- check here for Summer 2015 hours of operation.
After a few hours at the waterpark, drive into Ojai town for an icecream or go for a drive through the Ojai orange groves (the reason for all the bees!) and stop for a pizza at Boccali's. A classy way to top off your day would be a walk around the stunningly gorgeous grounds of Ojai Valley Inn and a casual meal at Jimmy's Pub.

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Lazing on the lazy river...

The scenery is beautiful at Lake Casitas Water Park.

Fun on the water playground!

Mellow end of the playground pool- nice for babies. Notice the gorgeous mountain views.

Running under the spray!

Pretty backdrop...

There are some nice shady spots.


From Santa Barbara, take Highway 101 south to Carpinteria and then take Highway 150 to Lake Casitas. It is mildly winding in some places, but it is a gorgeous drive through mountains past avocado farms and with spectacular views of the deep blue lake. You will see signs when you get to Lake Casitas. You must pay $10 ($15 on weekends and holidays) to enter Lake Casitas Recreation Area in order to go to the water park (and then you pay the waterpark fees above).
From Ventura take Highway 33 north. Once it turns into a 2 lane road and you pass Wendy's, turn left on Highway 150 (Baldwin Rd). After three miles, turn left on Santa Ana Rd. You must pay $10 ($15 on weekends and holidays) to enter Lake Casitas Recreation Area in order to go to the water park (and then you pay the water park fees above). Admission to the Water Adventure is $12 each (children under 1 are free) but if you come two hours before closing it's only $5.


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Athena 7/21/10

Wed, 21 Jul 2010

lake casitas waterpark is fun i like the innertubes that take you around it is pretty cool but i don't need a innertube i could just swim but my arms will get tired. I might go to the waterpark at lake casitas again. this is actually my 2 time. it rocks there better than ventura waterpark.LOL

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Tue, 25 May 2010

can't wait til it opens!!!!

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Tue, 06 Oct 2009

hi im eileen i was in salou for my hoildays and i went to loads of water parks. But this one is the best i enjoyed the slides and i would wish to go back again. Thank u !!

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Thu, 26 Aug 2010


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Thu, 07 Jul 2011

I might go there tomorrow!!!!!!

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Tana Montana

Thu, 05 Aug 2010

I Really Dont Like It It Should Have MOre Slide For Grown People......

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Thu, 03 Sep 2009

From Sweden...its nice.

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Sun, 12 Aug 2012

how far is lacasidas cause we might go tomorow.

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Sun, 12 Aug 2012

It is 35-45 minutes from Santa Barbara.

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Sun, 05 Sep 2010

It is fun, but I don\'t know what water slides Eileen is talking about. There are none for adults. maybe she is a kid. I like to go up for the last 2 hours and float down the lazy river.
-CR from Ventura

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Sat, 25 Jun 2011

i went there yesterday and it was fun probably because i am only 12 and fit in the tubes

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Sat, 25 Jun 2011

eileen i think your exagerating have you been to hurricane harbor well you should go its way better than this but i have to agree with you it is verry fun

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Fri, 29 Jul 2011

Great for the kids and I liked it too!

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Fri, 25 May 2012

Super fun! really relaxing.

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Aubrey Rodriguez

Fri, 01 Apr 2011

The lazy river is the funnest part of the water park especially the waterfall!

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