Monday, August 11, 2008

So many new entries!

Hey folks! I've been doing so many new sites lately that I don't even know where to start! It's been a lot of fun, though it sure is harder to get out and about when you have a new baby. Recently I discovered a peaceful beautiful spot, Bubbling Springs/Moranda Park. Check it out! Also, I added some photos and did a new walk at Channel Islands Harbor, and also took some Summertime photos at Hueneme Beach Park. It's a lot different in the summer- colorful rather than stormy and grey. The sand there is so nice!
Lately I've also checked out Ventura, including City Hall, which I hadn't been inside, and a walk along Poli Street and back to Main Street from there. There are such nice Victorian houses there and views down the hilly street to the ocean. I also added some photos to Marina Park which didn't have any photos of the cool zipline pirate ship that they have there. Ventura is so windy though! It's a shame. I found a wonderful little spot that is sheltered, the mission and the plaza in front of it. What a magical spot! You have to go there! And I added some photos to the Downtown Ventura entry. There's a cool little British shop there so I had to pick up some vegemite. No one in my family eats it but me- they are really missing out!
Let's see, where else have we been this summer? We also went to Monterey for my birthday. I added some photos of Dennis the Menace Park. And we went to the aquarium which is always an amazing place to go. Our baby was so mellow looking up at the fishes swimming by. But gosh traveling with babies is hard- it seems they poop all day and there is nowhere to change them! We did a wonderful walk from the aquarium to Lovers Point Park. That was so beautiful! The pastel-colored Victorian homes look so wonderful before you, and the color of the water! Wow! The water is amazing in Monterey. How does it get that blue-green color? Too bad that it is so cold by the ocean there. We also found a fantastic place for a picnic, Veterans Memorial Park. It feels like you're in a National Park when you're there because of the wide-open nature feel. It has unusual trees that captured my heart. We also did a nice walk around a lagoon at Laguna Grande Park. I had never been to Downtown Monterey, just to the touristy places like Fishermans Wharf, so we went there and I was very impressed with how hip it is. What a nice little main strip! And I loved the little courtyards hidden here and there. We ate at a nice restaurant, Rosine's, but Baby was appauling there! After we walked to Del Monte Beach, which is right beside Fishermans Wharf. I couldn't believe how warm it was! So relaxing! And what nice sand!
The last day I went on my own to the mission and I was mesmerized by the giant dahlias. I also loved Carmel-By-The-Sea Beach and it's stunning white sand. Carmel has such pretty houses on hills going up from the ocean. But the downtown was a bit snooty for me.
At the beginning of the Summer we went to San Diego! We went to the zoo, which was nice but crowded. The aerial tram wasn't crowded at all and was such a fun experience! That was the best part! We also went to Mission Beach, and I loved seeing the wave pool there and the surfers trying it out. That's a really fun place, with tons of people enjoying the great beach there, plus a lagoon and playgrounds. We ate breakfast there the next day and had some yummy oat pancakes. My husband tried to make that recipe when we got home. Eating right by the crashing ocean was so nice. It was an overcast day but that gave it a nice stormy feel. On the drive we had to stop for Bubba and we found two great places! Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, which is so colorful and pretty with its walkway along the water and its brand new restaurants. Bubba absolutely adored the flags, balloons and many things to see at Gladstone's. You can walk to Shoreline Village from there. We also stopped at Seal Beach which was too windy but had a really cool main strip where we ate at an Irish Pub. Yum! There was a booth right by the open window and Bubba liked practising her standing and watching the people go by. Gosh it's hard to eat in a restaurant with a baby though! I feel for whoever had to clean up when we left!
I've also been adding photos to the Santa Barbara pages. Our son had a great bodyboard at Refugio Beach and I got some Summertime shots there. Plus, we went to Lake Casitas Water Park and all four of us had so much fun! It's a great place- especially I loved the lazy river. Still more to do, and can't wait....

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