Morgan Street, Downtown Raleigh

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North Carolina
Morgan Street, Downtown Raleigh
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Morgan Street, in downtown Raleigh, is a historic street with a block of nice cafes. It is near NC State University. 1920s houses set a cute mood, despite the overall rugged look of Raleigh. Next to Atomic Salon is a dog-friendly bar, Drink Drank Drunk, that serves drinks under a tree, for those aged 21 and up. The Remedy Diner has sunny outdoor seating. Coffee Worx serves coffee and delicious Maple View ice cream inside Raleigh Pharmacy. Your best bet is Irregardless Cafe, which has cute outdoor seating framed by ivy, plus a magical interior that looks like you're under the sea, bubbles and all. Irregardless Cafe has delicious food nicely presented, sweet waiter service, and live music every night at 6:30pm (6pm on weekend nights), plus often at lunchtime (11:30am) and late night (9pm) on Saturdays, and brunchtime on Sundays (10am). 

Parallel to Morgan Street is Ashe Avenue, which has some more cute 1920s houses.
It doesn't feel entirely safe around here, so come with a friend.
For a long street with bars where NC State students go to party, check out Glenwood Ave, a thirteen minute walk away.

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Lovely stone house on Ashe Avenue.

Pretty 1920s house on Ashe Ave, and a cypress tree, a rare sight in Raleigh.

Pretty houses on Ashe Avenue.

This is what much of Raleigh looks like, hard on the eyes.

Pansies outside Raleigh Pharmacy, which serves coffee and ice cream.

Remedy Diner.

The stage at Irregardless Cafe.

Bubbles and fish decorations, in Irregardless Cafe.

Looking toward the bar in Irregardless Cafe.

Pansies and daffodills, in February, near the Irregardless Cafe parking lot.


Octagonal window, on a building seen from nearby Hillsborough Street.

Southern architecture on Hillsborough Street.

Blossoms in a tree in February.

Saint Mary's Church, on Hillsborough Street.

Daffodils along Hillsborough Street, at the end of February.

Blossoming trees.


Morgan Street is located between NC State University and the center of downtown Raleigh. It is a side street off Hillsborough Street, a main artery.
Irregardless Cafe, 901 W. Morgan Street, Raleigh NC 27603. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays. Parking for Irregardless Cafe is across the street on Morgan Street, slightly closer to Hillsborough Street. There is also plenty of parking along the road on Morgan Street and Ashe Avenue.


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