Corpus Christi Church Walk, Celebration

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Orlando, FL
Corpus Christi Church Walk, Celebration
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This is a lovely walk through quiet forest and past pretty houses with gardens.

Park in front of Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Celebration and take the forest path that you enter from Celebration Ave, on the south end of the church. There are often deer here! Continue along the forest path to the end. You come out at a culdesac and turn right to follow a path behind the little pond. This sends you back into another peaceful forest on a wooden boardwalk. You come out at Maiden Terrace and turn left on Maiden Terrace.Turn left on Pawstand Rd and left again on Banks Rose St. Turn left into the little culdesac, Banks Rose Ct, and enjoy the cute views of the canary palm tree and forest behind. Continue along Banks Rose Street and enjoy Central Park, a little park with bird house and red wooden bench swing. Walk around the park's paths and then continue on Banks Rose Street to Celebration Ave. Turn right on Celebration Ave and head back to your car. This is a one mile walk.
Make this walk longer by continuing on Celebration Ave, and turning right on Eastlawn Drive to check out the beautiful lake bordered by cypress trees, the long street lined with California palms, and the mansions. 
Or, continue on Celebration Ave and instead of turning right on Eastlawn Drive, turn left on Westpark Dr. Take all the little side streets/culdesacs off Westpark Dr enjoying the pretty gardens inside each white picket fence. Westpark Dr circles around the golf course (you might see birds such as snowy egrets, ducks, or an alligator here) to Greenbrier Ave. Turn right and Greenbrier Ave will lead you back to Westpark Dr. Turn left on Westpark Dr and follow it to Celebration Ave. Turn right on Celebration Ave and head back to your car. This adds another 2 miles to your walk and it is a very quiet area with not many other pedestrians.
There are four more walks that I've detailed in Celebration, including North Village Mansions Walk.
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After, get a meal or coffee at the Celebration Town Center.

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Here is the walk mapped out!

Victorian house with Jasmine arch.

Lake on the golf course on Westpark Dr.

Rose on a side street off Westpark Dr.

Beautiful mansion on Westpark Dr, with dining area that is all windows.

Jasmine outside a house.

Pink flower on Nadine Place.

The forest near the Catholic church, where you often see deer.

Beautiful lake on Eastlawn Drive.

Purple flowers and purple door on Canne Place.

Cute leafy street where you first come out of the forest behind the church.

Where you first come out of the forest...

I love Celebration's leafy streets!

Looking up at sunlit leaves.

Gardenia flower in a garden.

Banana trees along the street.

Magnolia tree.

Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Pretty vegetation along Celebration Ave.

Lovely sights on Celebration Ave.

Pink flowering tree.

Cute houses and American flag on Pondview Ct.

Red house on Banks Rose St.

Craftsman-style houses and Canary palm on Banks Rose Ct, a culdesac.

Forest view from Banks Rose Street.

Cute red door with heart decoration, on Pawstand Rd.

Red wooden swinging bench in Central Park on Banks Rose Street.

Birdhouse in Central Park on Banks Rose Street.

Amazing jungle with palms and magnolia tree.

Giant heart-shaped leaves and small heart-shaped vine, on Canne Place.

Heart-shaped vine on Canne Place.

Sweet garden on Canne Place.

Flowering tree on Canne Place.

White picket fence and yellow flowers.

Victorian house and yellow flowers, on Nadine Place.

Shingles on the gable of a yellow Victorian house.

Fig plant on Maiden Terrace near Celebration Ave. So pretty!

Deer in the forest behind Corpus Christi Church.

Adorable street corner when you first get out of the forest behind the church. This is Pondview Court.

I love this blue house on Pondview Ct!

Deer in the woods behind the church, a common sight!

Early spring colors in February, on a street off Greenbrier Ave.

Beautiful house on a street off Greenbrier Ave.

Cute house.

Pretty spot.

The gorgeous pond on Eastlawn Drive.

I love the color of the pond behind the church.

The church, as seen from across the pond, on Eastlawn Drive.

Figs in a garden!

Gorgeous cypress trees and palms at the pond on Eastlawn Drive, near Celebration Ave and the church.

Cinco De Mayo decorations at a house near the path entrance.


Corpus Christi Catholic Church is located at 1050 Celebration Ave, Celebration, FL 34747. There is parking along the street.


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