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Steffee Landing boardwalk trail, Kissimmee

Orlando, FL
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Steffee Landing boardwalk trail, Kissimmee, Orlando FL


Steffee Landing offers a wooden boardwalk over a gorgeous swamp. It is located on the emerald green Shingle Creek, and when it's raining the creek flows very fast! It's a lovely sight to stand on the bridge and watch the creek swish by. The boardwalk is well-maintained and kids love to walk along it. There are two parks, near each other on Highway 192 (which is weirdly also called Vine Street here), where the boardwalk begins. They are both called Steffee Landing/Homestead and either one works- another name on the sign is Shingle Creek Regional Park but don't get confused with the many other Shingle Creek Regional Parks in the area (stupid naming idea). Both parks have historic cabins that are fun for kids to look at- they can imagine what it would have been like to live there with no air-conditioning!
Look up at the beautiful trees and enjoy the tropical feeling. This walk is completely shady!
It wasn't crowded at all when we visited, which was lovely! We didn't see any wildlife such as alligators but it was pouring with rain, which was fun too. My daughter loved it so much she wanted to return the next day!
While you're here, visit the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum (open daily 9-5), which has dioramas, baby alligators in a tank, taxidermied animals, and a tree you can pretend to saw. It is across the highway.
Also, check out Pioneer Village (also called Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek, or Osceola County Pioneer Village, or Shingle Creek Babb Landing- yes the names are so confusing around here!). It has many historic buildings (behind a fence) including a historic church, and wide open fields with trails. It is not shady but is a fun walk on a cloudy day. Check out the canoe landing spot too, and the bridge over the creek. This area is not as pretty as Steffee Landing, but it is quaint and cute. The trails are hard-packed dirt and long, on both sides of the creek (the east side connects up better with Steffee Landing, going under Highway 192), connecting up in the south after 1.5 miles. You can also head north, on the east side of the creek, for a long way (1.5 miles)- check out the satellite view to see all the trails.
While in Kissimmee, also check out Gatorland, which has a gorgeous wetland area with lots of huge alligators and birds galore. It's a real treat (but not free)!



Steffee Landing is located in one of the many Shingle Creek Regional Parks. On google maps it is called Shingle Creek Regional Park- Sheffee Landing. The address is 4266 W. Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741. There is another parking lot as well, called Shingle Creek Regional Park- Steffee Homestead, located at 4280 W. Vine St, Kissimmee FL.

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