Ocean Blvd Walk, Lake Worth

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Palm Beach, FL
Ocean Blvd Walk, Lake Worth
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If you need some fresh, fresh air straight off the ocean, come for a walk along Ocean Blvd. Here you find a paved path that runs for four miles on the west side of the boulevard. In the early morning, there is shade from the buildings, and in the late afternoon there is shade from the trees. Many happy people enjoy this walk, though it is not overly crowded and it's easy to give them lots of space because you can walk on the grass next to the path.

You pass some sweet views of mangroves on the intracoastal, little islands and mansions in the distance, a golf course with seagrape tree clusters, and lush palm tree jungles at condo entrances.
You can park for free for two hours at Phipps Ocean Park (free all year except June-Sept). Start your walk there, heading north until the path ends and then head south for as long as you want. It's nice to take a look at the gorgeous ocean after your walk.
This walk is on Palm Beach island, from a little north of Phipps Ocean Park to Lantana Beach.

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Morning light on the trees beside the path.

Palm trees in the golden light.

Residents walking the path.

The path and a wide lawn beside it.

Seagrape trees along the path.

Pretty light on a hill across the street.

Views of the intracoastal, from the path.

Views of the intracoastal's shore, from the path.

White sand and intracoastal waterway, beside the path.

Long grasses beside the path.

Glimpses of blue water from the path.

Bent palm along the path.

Cute palm trees.

Banyan tree.

Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course, beside the path.

Golf course views.

Nice trees.

A 70s-style building you see from the path.

Wide open views.

Golf course landscaping.

Golf course scenes along the path.

Cars go by.

Bench in the shade.

Your reward at the end of the walk...Phipps Ocean Beach Park.


Start your walk at Phipps Ocean Park where you can park for two hours for free all year except June-Sept. From June-Sept you must pay a few dollars to park. The entrance to the correct parking lot says "Phipps Ocean Park Tennis Center."
The red tab is on the map at the northernmost end of the walk.


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