Fillmore Fish Hatchery

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Ventura, CA
Fillmore Fish Hatchery
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Something about Fillmore Fish Hatchery makes kids of all ages so happy! It makes for a great family outing on a Saturday morning. Because everyone becomes so happy, the whole family will bond.

At Fillmore Fish Hatchery, there are two tracks of ten long, shallow pools where fish are bred. All around you is nature- the mountains, the blue sky, trees galore. On the far end, the pools flow out into the creek, where there are an amazing amount of birds. The birds used to eat thirty percent of the fish but now that there is netting over the pools, the birds seem to just gather to reminisce about old days (just kidding!). Egrets stand seriously up in the trees looking out over the green waters. Kids love to look through the fence at them.
The funnest part about the fish hatchery is that you can take two handfuls of fish food from the dispensers. Then you can throw the food into the pools. The fish leap up in a frenzy to get the food. It's a ton of fun to watch! Even just walking by and making a shadow makes the trout go crazy!
As the water flows down the tracks, it is filtered at certain points between each pool and kids like to watch the tiny waterfalls that are formed.
Bring a snack to eat in the shade at the parking lot when you're done. You will all be super happy and your weekend will start out on a great note!
The purpose of the fish hatchery is to breed trout to stock lakes such as Lake Cachuma for fishing. Forty fishing sites are stocked by Fillmore Fish Hatchery. One million trout are bred each year. The eggs are brought from hatcheries at Mount Whitney and Hot Creek in the eastern High Sierra. It takes 2,200 pounds of fish food daily to raise the fish.
If you're hungry, head over to Santa Paula town. Your kids will also enjoy the playground and skate park at Veterans Memorial Park and the huge oil rig at California Oil Museum.

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Trout at the fish hatchery.

The "waterfalls" between each pool.

A heron hanging out where the fish action used to be.

Tons of egrets in the trees by the fish hatchery feeling hopeful.

Trout galore.

View as you drive out the fish hatchery- nice open spaces.


From Highway 101, head east on Highway 126 for about 24 miles. Once you pass Fillmore town, turn right on Fish Hatchery Rd. You will come to a parking lot and see the sign for the fish hatchery. Go inside the gate and have fun!
Open daily 7am-3:30pm. Entrance is free.


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Sharon A. Villasenor

Sat, 07 Oct 2017

When were the concrete barriers installed.. I remember as a kid, my Dad used to take is to the fish hatchery... and they were ponds.

thanks ;-)

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Sat, 07 Oct 2017

Oh that's interesting!

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Mon, 11 Sep 2023

One of the neatest places I've ever been to. Look in the pools for tiny fish! Seeing and hearing the fish splash is something to be amazed at. So worth a trip!

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