Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gorgeous views over Santa Barbara!

Check out the great photo I was able to catch in the late afternoon, over Santa Barbara's downtown! I was so happy to find the little spot behind some townhouses where there was this birdseye view! It's in the Santa Barbara Heights entry. I also took some photos of La Mesa Park yesterday, and Willowglen Park. I love La Mesa Park- it's so lovely to sit on a bench there and look out at the ocean. Thanks for checking out our site!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A day at the courthouse...

No , I wasn't arrested. But I did spend the day at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse! It was wonderful, too! I went on the tour. Usually I find tours to be a bit slow and boring, but this tour was fantastic, and I learned so much about Santa Barbara! The courthouse is so exquisitely beautiful. Every detail amazes me. And the tour described the symbolic significance behind each little detail.
After taking photos at the courthouse, I had a yummy lunch at Coffee Cat, and then headed over to La Arcada. La Arcada is a Spanish paseo and courtyard that is so beautiful! When I first moved to Santa Barbara, my date took me to La Arcada at night, and I'll never forget how magical it looked. I'll also never forget how even the parking lots in Santa Barbara, the ones near State Street, are beautiful, with Spanish archways, and little rose-shaped windows. On my first date in Santa Barbara, we ate at Pallazio. It's a great date place! An Italian restaurant with painted ceilings, and the yummiest buttery garlic rolls!
Well, gotta go- hope you like the new entries!
Oh, check out my elephant photo in the new Santa Barbara Zoo entry!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Frisbee fun at Chase Palm park!

Hey Everyone!
Our son is back so yesterday we took him to Chase Palm Park, and I made an entry! We played some frisbee, which was lots of fun! And then we walked back to our car near the Cabrillo Bike Path. It sure was a beautiful sunny day which made for some nice photos! Check out the new entries! Today I'll be making some more for you!
One thing that made me sad was a young couple I saw while stopping in at the tourist office. They had driven all the way to Santa Barbara and found that the youth hostel was full. The lady at the tourist office was telling them that the next lowest priced accommodation was $79 for a room with a shared bath. They looked very disappointed and were trying to figure out where to go nearby to get cheaper accommodation. I wanted to tell them of an option but couldn't think of anywhere nearby where it would be much cheaper than $79. What a shame! They missed out on seeing beautiful Santa Barbara! It made me realize that we need some more affordable accommodation here. It's the same in Hawaii but worse. They don't even have a Motel 6 there. The lowest priced accommodation is more like $150 probably.
So, if you plan to come, book way ahead so that you don't miss out!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Do birds get even?...

Do birds get even? This is what Ron and I were wondering yesterday when we went to Goleta Beach to enjoy an El Sitio burrito at sunset. All these pesky ugly birds were surrounding us and they were aggressive too! So we shooed them away with all kinds of hilarious sounds and sudden moves. Eventually they left. When we placed the empty tinfoil out away from our blanket they were back. So we threw it away. Well, perhaps they didn't like that we didn't share, because next minute one of them was flying along in a straight path. He went way out of his line of flight, hovered above us, pooped on us both, and then returned to his line of flight! Are birds more intelligent, and more vengeful than we thought....Perhaps there's more to birds than just fluffy tailfeathers!

Best photos ever!

I think I've taken my best photos ever- of the Spanish buildings around El Presidio and El Paseo! Check them out! I love Santa Barbara! Who wouldn't?.....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Santa Barbara sunshine!

Hi Everyone,
I've been walking all over Santa Barbara taking photos of my favorite spots! Check out the new entries I made in the last few days! When I used to live downtown my favorite walk was up Laguna street, past the Mission rose garden, and then up Garden Street- check it out: Garden Street Walk.
I've finished the Mission Rose Garden entry, and I'm excited about the photo I took there!
A magical playground with a huge wooden castle and endless possibilities for fun is Kidsworld. If you haven't already been there with your kids, you have to go! I took more photos of Kidsworld today so the entry will be expanded soon!
Today I had a wonderful walk around the historical part of Santa Barbara, and I'll be making those posts soon. Sorry, still have to go to the ruins we promised to photo last time!
Check out the Paseo Nuevo entry- gosh it was looking so good when I went yesterday and today! It's a shopping center with the most marvelous Spanish architecture.
Oh, I forgot to tell you my great news! My desk and computer are back! Yeh! The mold is all cleaned up. What a nightmare that was...
Last night, I went to Mercury Lounge with my friend Silvia. It was really fun! It'll be an entry soon too- but I must bring my camera next time.
Our son is coming back tomorrow after summer spent with his dad. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Downtown Phoenix, and more!

Hi Everyone!
I am proud to announce that...
the Arizona map is complete! Check out my new entries: the magnificent Grand Canyon,
the magical swim you could have at Lake Powell,
and the miniature rooms that will mesmerize you at Phoenix Art Museum in Downtown Phoenix!
I just love making LotsaFunMaps!!!
Yesterday, I went down to Isla Vista to take some photos. Isla Vista is the beach town where UCSB students live. It was a wild and wacky experience. As usual, I saw sneakers hanging from the electric wires! There were students everywhere working on their tans, even in their front lawns by the traffic! Down at the Isla Vista Beach, there were rows and rows of beautiful beach babes! And on the cliffs above, there were old guys perving on them- ew! Freebirds was as happening as usual, with students sitting out on their sunny patio enjoying a huge burrito. It was a great scene! Check out the page about it!
Thanks for checking out!!
Hope you find some nice places to go...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Santa Barbara Historic Site

Friends! We discovered something new in Santa Barbara today. A while ago I read a book about the history of Santa Barbara and in there I found a reference to some ruins dating back to the 1800's which should be located near the Santa Barbara Mission. We had seen a part of those ruins before but never actually found the main part of it. It is as if the city is trying not to have people check them out. Well guess what? We will be making an entry about this. Tomorrow we'll do a photo mission and enter a new item. Make sure you check back for that as the views were amazing and the site itself quite interesting.

Also I've found a minor bug in the screen saver, feel free to update it.

As always we are trying to get the word out about our website. If you know of any good sites where we can place a link to our website, feel free to let us know!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mold, San Fran, and various other adventures.

Hi Everyone!
It's been ages since I posted- it's a crime! Good and bad things have been going on. First, they found a gutter leak and mold growing in the floor right under my desk! No wonder I was sick like crazy while I was adding all the wonderful new sites like Ellwood Butterfly Preserve in Santa Barbara.
So...that was a little disruptive because now I don't have a desk and computer to work at! I've been adding a few new sites from my laptop.
This weekend Ron and I went to Avila Beach and San Francisco to do a little research and take some photos! Expect those sites soon! We are very excited about some great places we found, especially a little pie shop that reminded me of my youth growing up in Australia!
G'day! Thanks for checking out our website! Don't miss out on the new location, Playgrounds, a rock climbing area up in the Santa Ynez Mountains above Santa Barbara! By the way, the guy risking his life on the rock is the chief web developer for LotsaFunMaps!