Saturday, May 02, 2009

New posts galore!

Hey Everyone, I've been working so hard that it's impossible to post all the new sites I've added in the past few months (I'll have to get on top of it and post them each day I make them in future). Here's a sampling of what you can find at Lotsa Fun Maps!
Check out the new posts for Oahu, which I'm currently making now that we're back from our super fun two week trip:
A find that I hadn't known about before, Police Beach, was a gorgeous beach to stroll along, and a place to see the campground out of the TV set for Lost. I got some great shots of lazy turtles at Turtle Beach, and had such a nice swim there. Aaaah, memories. We had the fortune to be given a complimentary stay at the Royal Lokoea while we were on the North Shore and it was a wonderful, peaceful place to come home to each evening, with the palm trees swaying and the sun setting over Haleiwa Beach. Nearby Haleiwa Alii Beach was a pretty spot to explore, and Haleiwa Town is always a fun place to absorb some surf culture. Of course, Baby needed a playground so we found one with gorgeous mountain views at Sunset Elementary Park.
We spent some time at my parents house in Hawaii Kai and I checked out some of the playgrounds there. I love the ones tucked back in the valleys, where you're surrounded by tall misty mountains. Hahaione Neighborhood Park is one of the most atmospheric. Kalama Valley Park was a bit more plain but still had nice mountains in the distance, and it's near the wonderful Southeast Oahu Scenic Drive. It's also near a lookout park that has romantic views at night, Na Pali Haweo Lookout Park, which unfortunately is a private park so you can only really stop and have a peek and not linger. Koko Marina is another Hawaii Kai spot that I've been to a million times and I got to take some photos of while there. It's nice to stroll along the marina there and look at the fabulous jagged mountain peaks. Kahala Mall is a place I've been to many a time with my son when he was a toddler. It was fun to bring my new toddler girl there. It's been redone and is sparkling now. There's also a bunch of new stores including an Apple store, and still the old favorites, Thinker Toys and Carousel Candyland. And the Barnes and Noble there is my favorite in the country (because of the kids section full of Hawaii books and the great selection of interesting travel books). Portlock Point is another spot that I grew up hanging out at! It was fun to go there in the early morning and get some beautiful shots of it!