Via Flagler shops, Royal Poinciana Way

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Palm Beach, FL
Via Flagler shops, Royal Poinciana Way
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Palm Beach is an area with one of the highest concentrations of wealth in the USA. It is an island with two main shopping areas, Worth Ave and Royal Poinciana Way. Royal Poinciana Way is the street you drive as you enter on Flagler Memorial Bridge. There is plenty of parking along the median. Many shops and cafes line the north side of the street in a shopping center called Via Flagler, and you can find hidden spots in the sweet Spanish paseos/alleys. If you have kids, try Sprinkles Ice Cream- it smells so good of waffle cones in there! You can cross Cocoanut Row and enjoy your ice cream at Bradley Park. Field of Greens is a lovely place to sit inside and look out the windows at the colorful world! They have salads, smoothies, and acai bowls at great prices. Palm Beach Book Store has nice book displays and a modern interior, but not a lot of room to walk around. Main Street Coffee is a place to chill out. Take in the gorgeous Spanish architecture along the street, and the purple bougainvillea. Coconut trees galore give you that tropical feeling.

For more shops, and a lovely church, walk north on N. County Rd to Sunrise Ave
After, walk along Sunset Ave 300m east and you're at Sunset Ave Beach! If you walk east on Sunrise Ave instead, you can find a public beach access at the end of Root Trail. From Sunset Ave Beach, take a 1-mile stroll on the sand to the main beach, Midtown Beach
Or, instead of going to the beach, walk west on Sunset Ave to the intracoastal and have a magical walk up the N. Lake Trail. You can walk for three miles to the top of the island on a wide paved trail, along the intracoastal waterway, and it is quite shady in the morning. To get to the N. Lake Trail from Via Flagler shopping center, walk west on Royal Poinciana Way, through Bradley Park and to the trail. 
If you walk under the bridge from Bradley Park, you come to Royal Poinciana Plaza, a nice place to enjoy a juicer from Celis Produce on their pleasant outdoor chairs. This is a high end plaza. 
Or, on a cold winter day, if you don't want to be outside, get a pastry at Patrick Leze, then drive north for six minutes and park your car at 760 N. Ocean Blvd, where you can watch the ocean from your car while eating your pastry!

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Golden sculpture along Royal Poinciana Way.


Courtyard with wildflowers.

Looking up at the architecture in the courtyard.

Mural of days gone by, when Flagler lived.

The inner courtyard.

Flowers in blue pots, and photos from Flagler's days.

Purple flower and Spanish arches.

Stripey plant.

Palm tree shadows on the grass median of Royal Poinciana Way.

Amazing jasmine growing in the Spanish courtyard behind the cafes at Via Flagler shops.

Henry's Palm Beach.

Palms and flowers- landscaping on Royal Poinciana Way.

The bright landscaping on Royal Poinciana Way.

Elegant yellow building where the shops are located.

Royal palms galore, on Royal Poinciana Way!

Lunette window and yellow flowers.

Arched window, blue tiles, and potted plants.

Magenta bougainvillea and Spanish tiled roofs.

Lantern and Via Flagler sign over the alley.

Palm Beach Synagogue across Sunset Ave.

The shops along Royal Poinciana Way.

The purple bougainvillea is enchanting at Via Flagler shops.

This alley reminds me of Santa Barbara.

Via Flagler shops are along Royal Poinciana Way.

Henry's Palm Beach, with its lovely arches.

The amazing royal palms!

Royal palms in the median.

Looking across the median at the shops.

Beautiful Via Flagler shops!

Cute side door at Bar Almond.

Palm Beach Bookstore has some good reads.

Pink flowerbed and purple bougainvillea.

Main Street Coffee.

Burst of bougainvillea by an alley.

Sunflowers in tiny vases at Field of Greens.

It's nice to look out the window at the color outside, at Field of Greens.

Inside Field of Greens.

Everything is going to be OK- inside Field of Greens.

Yellow awning and bromeliads in flower baskets.

Greenery outside Field of Greens.

Attractive courtyard.

Pink and purple.

Adorable windows.

Dark pink bougainvillea and balcony with twisty columns.


Via Flagler Shopping Center is located at 251 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach. There is plenty of slanted parking along Royal Poinciana Way, in the median, and also on the north side of the road where the shops are.
Field of Greens Palm Beach Island, 261 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Open 9am to around 3 or 4pm.


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