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Lafayette town

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North Park neighborhood

Neighborhood with cute 1920s craftsman houses and plenty of bars and cafes.

Guglhupf Bakery and Cafe, Durham

Magical patio with plants and fountains, plus nice interior as well!

Haleiwa Town

Old plantation town with surf shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

Aspen Place at the Sawmill, Flagstaff

Beautiful modern development with awesome bakery called Wildflower Bread Company, and shops to stroll past.

Lafayette town

Cute main strip with bars and coffee shop, all under the shade of pines.

Village of La Jolla cafes

Healthy cafes, sweet Mary Star of the Sea Church, coffee shops, and walk past the amazing cliffs and coves of La Jolla.

Winter Garden cafes, splash pad and bike path

A cute main strip with restaurants, a bike path, and a splash pad.

Downtown Wilmington

Wonderful downtown area on the river.

Morro Bay Town

A delightful rock, beautiful wildlife, peaceful idyllic estuary, imaginative playground, and colorful little town.

Children's Discovery Museum

A museum with an amazing amount of fun things for kids to explore!

Lompoc Flowers, Town, and Beach

Summertime flower fields, mountains, rocket launches, a beach (often closed), and a wonderful mission.

Guglhupf Bakery and Cafe, Durham

Magical patio with plants and fountains, plus nice interior as well!

Disney Springs waterfront restaurants

Waterfront area with restaurants, live street performers, entertainment, toy stores, and carousel.

Plantation Central Park, Plantation

Shady park to walk around. Cute nesting owls! Playground, workout stations, walkway by lake.

Leucadia Town

Cute town along Coast Highway, with bright cafes, and beaches just a short walk away.

Coral Cove Beach, Jupiter Island

People gather at the walkway above the beach to watch the sunset.

Calabasas Commons

A shopping plaza with sidewalks cafes and shops that would look like Europe if it weren't so new!

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