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Bacara Resort Beach

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Bacara Resort Beach

A rugged beach covered in driftwood and framed by dramatic white cliffs.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, Montecito

Gorgeous Southwestern-style church in a cute area of Montecito.

Leaning Pine Arboretum, Cal Poly

Lovely stroll past many different types of trees blossoming with seeds and flowers.

Mounts Botanical Garden, West Palm Beach

Pretty gardens with a wide assortment of tropical plants- a surprising find in an industrial area.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Lovely gardens with many cute areas and unusual plants.

North Village Mansions walk, Celebration

Walk past lake with cypress trees, and down three culdesacs with mansions.

Waimea Nature Park, Waimea

A small park with picnic gazebos. A stream and trail runs through it, and kids like to chase the chickens.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Lovely gardens with many cute areas and unusual plants.

San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas

Hilly garden with many different areas to explore.

Grant Park, Ventura

Panoramic ocean views await you at Grant Park!

Garden Street Walk

A walk past landscaped gardens and rows of weeping willows.

Mathias Botanical Garden, UCLA

Incredible old trees from all over the globe, a stream, tropical plants, and flowers, all on a sloped plot of land.


An estate with paths winding around 25 acres of varied, exquisite gardens.

Seabreeze Ave and side streets, Palm Beach

Lovely walk past mansions, flowers, statues, and lanterns.

St. Pete Pier

Amazing new development with gorgeous modern buildings, cafes, an incredible playground, and interesting lights at night.

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

Some nice trees such as mayten trees from the Andes foothills, in a dry inland area.

Naples Botanical Garden

Stunning tropical-themed gardens and cute children's area.

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