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Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney World

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Vasona Lake/Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos

A fantastic park a jet plane, fire engine, and train to climb! Carousel, railroad rides, summertime paddle boat rides, walkway along a gorgeous creek, amazing tall pines, two play structures, and geese!

Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney World

Lush park with African and Southeast Asian architecture- best for its two incredible shows and Pandora land.

Tilden Park Botanic Garden, Berkeley

A wondrously beautiful place lush with the most beautiful trees, plus cute bridges and pathways.

Lower Yosemite Falls hike, Yosemite Natl Pk

Easy half-hour hike with scrambling area at the end where waterfall mist sprays on your face!

Lake Lotus Nature Park, Altamonte Springs

You have a good chance of spotting an alligator at this park!

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Get a taste of Japanese culture without leaving Florida!

Rainbow Falls, Hilo

Beautiful spot with waterfall, flowers, and forest with amazing tree roots.

Lake Hogan Farm Greenway, Chapel Hill

Peaceful greenway with flowers and almost tropical vegetation, that takes you to a lake!

Devil's Millhopper Sinkhole, Gainesville

Zigzag to the bottom of a sinkhole covered in lush tropical rainforest.

Northgate Park, Durham

A beautiful park with very tall trees, winding paths, blossoming trees, and lovely patches of grass.

Anhinga Trail, Everglades

Tons of wildlife in this liquidy place!

Onomea Bay Trail, Four Mile Scenic Route

Beautiful hike above the ocean with waves crashing below.

Waimea Valley botanical garden, North Shore

Gorgeous botanical garden with paved one mile walk to a waterfall.

Bolin Creek Greenway, Chapel Hill

Lovely shady greenway- great for a long walk.

Mathias Botanical Garden, UCLA

Incredible old trees from all over the globe, a stream, tropical plants, and flowers, all on a sloped plot of land.

Steffee Landing boardwalk trail, Kissimmee

Shady, wooden boardwalk through gorgeous swamp on wide, emerald green Shingle Creek.

Kelly Park Rock Springs, Apopka

Incredible natural lazy river and swimming pool- crystal clear!

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