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Lake Lily Park, Maitland

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Alexander Springs

Called a spring, but more like a river, with a small white sand area where kids can play.

Crane's Roost Park, Altamonte Springs

The place to go if you want to jog or walk, day or evening, inspired by many others doing the same!

Lake Wyman Park, Boca Raton

Small walk with fitness equipment.

Hannibal Square, Winter Park

Two blocks of delightful architecture and some chic restaurants.

Golfpark Drive Walk, Celebration

Pleasant walk along the golf course, past pretty houses with gardens, mansions, canals, ducks, bridges, and places to eat.

Dickson Azalea Park, Downtown Orlando

Gorgeous recessed park with tall trees, stream, stone walls, and flowers.

Lake Davis Park path, Downtown Orlando

Sweet little path around Lake Davis in downtown Orlando.

Florida State University, Tallahassee

Large Southern-feeling university with a great in-state tuition program for out-of-state students, and a circus!

San Marino Neighborhood Walk

Streets filled with old-fashioned lamp posts, magnificent old trees, and gracious mansions.

Phipps Park walking path, West Palm Beach

Sports fields and walking trail beside a banyan tree grove, in a city area.

Lake Davis Park path, Downtown Orlando

Sweet little path around Lake Davis in downtown Orlando.

Lake Lily Park, Maitland

People come after work to walk around the lake, under the trees, enjoying the birds, turtles, and squirrels.

Tequesta Bridge Walk

A pleasant neighborhood walk to a bridge over the intracoastal.

Lakeside Park, North Palm Beach

Gorgeous park with white sand beaches, ironwood trees, beach sunflowers, playground, basketball, and a pretty walkway.

Disney's Port Orleans Resort Carriage Path

Two resorts that look like New Orleans, plus the lovely walking path along the river that runs between them.

Southport Town, Pier and Waterfront Park

A wonderful place to stroll, on the waterfront.

Indian Riverside Loop Boardwalk

Popular 1.7 mile loop walking path with some shade and wooden boardwalk beside the river.

Park Lake Walk, Downtown Orlando

Short walk around shimmering lake with moss-draped trees, past Spanish mansions.

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