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Louisiana Children's Museum

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Leucadia Town

Cute town along Coast Highway, with bright cafes, and beaches just a short walk away.

Morgan Street, Downtown Raleigh

Historic downtown street with a few nice cafes.

University Place Indoor Mall, Chapel Hill

Nice place to walk around when it's cold or hot outside.

St. Charles Ave

Gorgeous street under a canopy of giant oak trees with 19th c. Southern mansions and plenty of cute ethnic restaurants nearby.

Charleston Crab House, James Island, Charleston

There's a really good feeling at Charleston Crab House, on the water at James Island.

Nico's, Pier 38 Fishing Village

It's lovely to sit outside by the water and eat yummy and easy counter-service food.

Coronado Ferry Landing shops and pier

Touristy shops in an awesome location by the ferry terminal, Bayshore Bikeway, and Centennial Park. Lovely waterfront restaurants too.

Haleiwa Town

Old plantation town with surf shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

Bird Rock cafes, La Jolla

Cute main strip with cafes, a few block from a beautiful coastline of rocky coves.

The Square, West Palm Beach

Outdoor shopping and entertainment district with European architecture, archways, palms, tropical flowers, and amazing fountain for kids.

Love Street restaurants, Jupiter

Gorgeous place on the Jupiter inlet across from the lighthouse, with restaurants and a walkway.

Isla Vista Town and Beach

Isla Vista is where many UCSB students live, often ten or more in one beach house. It's a lively town where you can see some wacky sights!

Malibu Lumber Yard Mall

Fantastic outdoor mall with palm trees swishing in the breeze over a hardwood deck and a wood stage with live music on weekends.

Durham town

Humble town with youthful coffee shops and restaurants.

Guglhupf Bakery and Cafe, Durham

Magical patio with plants and fountains, plus nice interior as well!

Lafayette town

Cute main strip with bars and coffee shop, all under the shade of pines.

El Paseo and Casa De La Guerra

A beautiful and colorful Spanish paseo and courtyard.

Town Center Mall, Boca Raton

Indoor mall with sun canopies, decorative towers, fountains, and atriums.

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