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Sombrero Beach, Marathon, Florida Keys

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Carlin Beach and Playground, Jupiter

Lovely beach with thin ribbon of sand backed by high walls of dunes, and across the street, a playground with white sand and swings.

Barnett Family Playground and Splash Pad, Lakeland

Lovely area with awesome playground, garden, and lake promenade.

Aweoweo Beach Park and Playground, Waialua

Sweet little beach with steep golden sand, shallow calm water, and a great playground and park full of people!

Loggerhead Beach, Hike & Playground, Juno Bch

Wide-open beach with pale grey sand, shells on the shore, and aquamarine water, across from a playground, turtle center, and hike.

Rolling Hills Park, Rancho Penasquitos

Pretty park with a nature feel and unique playground.

Lantana town

A cute little town by the sea with a great Finnish bakery!

Venetian Bridges and Islands, Miami Beach

A gorgeous walk with wonderful water views at every turn.

Lake Wyman Park, Boca Raton

Small walk with fitness equipment.

Pettway Park Playground, Hobe Sound

Cute, imaginative playground in a humble neighborhood.

Sombrero Beach, Marathon, Florida Keys

Paradise! A rare white sand beach in the Keys, with water of many shades of blue, and an ultra-modern playground amongst coconut trees with shaded huts.

Apollo Lake, Lancaster

Peaceful lake with dock. Ducks and fishing, and a playground.

Circus Playground, Payne Park

Incredible playground with so much play equipment! Jogging path, ducks on pond, huge skate park, and modern cafe as well.

Kiwanis Youth Park, Stuart

Park with plenty of benches in the shade, accessible playground with unusual equipment, tire swing, dome climby, wooden truck, dinosaur and dolphin bouncy, and plenty of swings.

Baanrakkertje Playground, Heerlen

Magical outdoor playground with so many fun areas- there is a tiny entry fee.

Hobe Sound Hill Trail

One kilometer loop trail with two exercise stations, crushed shell trail under tall trees, yellow sand dune, then a loose white sand trail up a hill!

Lake Worth Pier and Beach

Fun beach with everything a holiday beach should have: pier, promenade, restaurants on the dune, restaurant on the pier, ice cream shop, playground with a view.

Los Osos Community Park

Great skatepark, cute schoolhouse, pretty views, and a fun space-age playground.

Peacock Park, Coconut Grove

Playground under the shade of large trees, and boardwalk with views of islands and boats.

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