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Throop Playground and neighborhood walk, SLO

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Ocean Cay Park, Juno Beach

Wide-open park across the street from the beach with playground with pretend train, picnic pavilions, and sand volleyball courts.

Riverview Park and Pier, Sebastian

Park with shade, small playground, splash pad, and pier on the intracoastal.

Howard Park, West Palm Beach

Popular park with big trees, a pond with ducks, and a fun playground!

Downtown City Park Playground, Paso Robles

Amazing, accessible and huge playground in the center of the lovely walkable downtown of Paso Robles.

Chapel Hill Community Center Park

Large shady playground with fun three-person spinner swing. Bolin Creek bike path starts here.

Mitchell Park, SLO

Park with gazebo in a neighborhood full of cottages and gardens.

Kate Sessions Park, Pacific Beach

Park high above the city with views of the bay and sea, a paved loop walk, a playground, music classes for toddlers, plus a canyon hike.

Summerland Beach and Lookout Park

A curved beach and a clifftop park with playground and picnic tables.

Pettway Park Playground, Hobe Sound

Cute, imaginative playground in a humble neighborhood.

Sea Summit Trail, Pico Park, San Clemente

Gorgeous hike through sagebrush with views of the ocean. Space age playground too.

Maitland Community Park

Running trails under incredible tall trees, large playground, and tennis, racquetball, volleyball and basketball courts.

El Carro Park, Carpinteria

Gorgeous mountain panorama, playground with four large slides, swings, grassy knolls, and plenty of shade.

Kelsey Park, Lake Park

Pretty park along the intracoastal waterway near high rises, with walking paths, playground, gazebos, fountain, and tennis courts.

Apollo Lake, Lancaster

Peaceful lake with dock. Ducks and fishing, and a playground.

West Melbourne Community Park

Large, creative playground with many fun things to do, splash pad, and skate park.

University Circle Playground, Goleta

Playground in a small recessed area by a creek.

Parc Montsouris

Magical park with lake, hillsides with little daisies, rose garden, and hidden walkways.

Peacock Park, Coconut Grove

Playground under the shade of large trees, and boardwalk with views of islands and boats.

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